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How to avoid the nasty fake antivirus scam

September 15, 2011

It’s think about come up with the risks of malicious software. It’s quite another to be dominate your pc. That’s what went down in my experience a few weeks ago. I had been at the office doing a routine online search when out of the blue my computer went nuts.

A pop-up appeared in the center of the screen – “Warning: Virus Invasion Detection” – along with a siren started wailing. “Personal Shield Pro” began to scan my hard disk. No less than that’s exactly what it appeared as if.

Within a few moments, row after row of supposedly malicious software programs started stacking up in the window: viruses, spyware, adware and worms.

Personal Shield Pro said it found 47 infections. The scan warned that because of the virus activity found, the next bad things were possible: a method crash, permanent data loss, system slowdown and Connection to the internet loss.

I knew the scan was bogus, that my computer had been have contracted fake antivirus software (FakeAV). However i couldn’t close the program. In fact, I couldn’t do just about anything. This rogue software had hijacked my computer. So, I turned it well and crossed my fingers.

When I rebooted, the pop-up had been there. I had been helpless and didn’t know what to do. I contacted the IT department then one of the techs ran numerous scans. It took him two hours to locate every one of the places this malware had embedded itself within the operating system in my hard drive.

If this have been home computer, it might have meant a pricey trip to the repair center to obtain my machine working again.

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